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Luxury Winter Coats: Women’s Style this Winter is Warmth

Luxury Winter Coats: Women’s Style this Winter is Warmth
Canadian winters have a reputation for being harsh with biting cold winds, heavy snow fall and icy conditions. Out come the bulky coats, scarves, hats and mitts and it seems no matter how many layers you put on, you still can’t seem to find any warmth. Every woman has that one go-to coat they use all season long. When we’re out shopping, we’re led to believe the quality of the garment matches the price tag. That isn’t always the case!

We have been conditioned to believe that synthetic materials will keep us warmer and we compromise our own comfort season after season. High quality luxury coats for women provide this comfort we seek during the most volatile months of the year. Luxury coats for women are available online – and Canadian based e-retailers specialize in high quality winter coats. Many styles are available from coast-to-coast online. Retailers offer free shipping on their jackets and coats to customers across the country. Canadian made outerwear using down insulation, 100% nylon shells and real coyote fur on hoods for face protection is your best way to fully enjoy the beautiful winter months in the Great White North. 

Are You Down this Winter?

There are many arguments for synthetic materials – the main one being cost. While synthetics like polyester reduce the overall cost of luxury winter coats, women across the country are seeing the benefits of real down insulation. 

Down with Insulation and Performance

Down is made from duck or goose plumage – the soft and delicate stuff which lies underneath the feathers. This natural underlay is stuffed into the lining of winter jackets. The small spaces in between the fibres traps warm air and is the best known natural insulation available. Just like building insulation has an "R” rating, down has a fill power rating. The higher the fill power, the more the garment is insulated from frigid temperatures. This is perfect for Canadian winters – in some areas of the country the mercury can fall below -40 degrees Celsius. In other areas of the country, the wind can gust to over 100 km per hour – creating an urgent need for warmth. 

Duck and goose down have different fill power ratings. Goose feathers are larger and as a result can trap more warm air within the garment. That said, goose down is far more expensive than duck – for a very small difference in warmth. For the purposes of outdoor garments, duck and goose down are so similar. The best and most reasonably priced luxury winter coats in women’s retail use duck down to maintain comfort at a better price point. Advantages of using down other than top insulation performance include shape and fullness retention, it lasts for decades with proper care, is highly compressible and light weight.

Synthetics vs Down

In comparison, synthetic insulation is more economical, but lacks the long-lasting properties of real duck or goose down. Synthetics is created by using polyester threads that work to recreate the effects of down. It is manufactured with water-resistant properties – this is it’s greatest advantage over down. But synthetics are bulkier and heavier which add to the weight of an already bulky garment. The lower price tag of synthetic luxury winter coats may satisfy your wallet short-term but investing in a Canadian-made winter coat with real duck down will offer you a much higher return. Luxury winter coats will last women season after season without compromising on performance against winter ragers.

Winter isn’t all about shoveling driveways and wind chill warnings. There is tremendous beauty that takes a hold of our landscape, when the storm has passed through, that is begging for you to revel in. Why stay inside when you can slip into a luxury winter coat and welcome Winter Solstice with open arms. 

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